Ionic Cut Stone | Limestone Repair

Repairing Existing Limestone Structure

Ionic Cut Stone specializes in onsite repair such as the Dutchman Repair shown below.  A Dutchman repair uses natural Limestone to closely match the color of the damaged stone.  This method of repair is most durable under fluctuating weather conditions.  Over time the repaired area ages and blends in with the original limestone preserving the natural beauty of the original Limestone piece.  If you are in need of repair to your existing limestone structure, contact us.

Before Dutchman Repair                        During Dutchman Repair

25-Franklin-Greencastle-Bef          25 Franklin-Greencastle-Before-Dutchman-Repair

Dutchman in progress                               Finished Dutchman Repair

25-Franklin-Greencastle-During-Dutchman-Repair          25-Franklin-Greencastle-Dutchman-Repair-Done