Ionic Cut Stone | Green Building

Selecting Indiana Limestone for your project means you are investing in an environmentally friendly, sustainable and recyclable natural resource. ¬†Indiana Limestone’s insular qualities make it ideal for reducing heating and cooling costs when used in home construction.

Recyclable ico_recycle

Indiana Limestone can be taken from one project and re-used on another, as elements in another building, landscape stones, in perimeter walls, or even as site fill. It’s completely inert – it came from nature and can go back to the same. Indiana Limestone is common in restoration projects for the majority of the original stone to remain in place for continued use when the restoration work is completed.

Environmentally Friendly Production Processes ico_tree

Improved technology has resulted in a more environmentally friendly Indiana Limestone industry. Most companies recycle their water and many have air-handling systems in their mills. Indiana Limestone quarry land is often reclaimed, either for use as land for quarry offices and outbuildings, or as nature preserves. The use of modern production equipment has resulted in overall noise reduction as well.

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