Ionic Cut Stone | Advantages of Indiana Limestone

Ionic Cut stone takes great care in selecting the best quality limestone suited for each project.  When choosing Indiana Limestone for your project be assured you will be awed at the beauty, strength and durability of this product of nature.  When the Indiana Limestone is carved or cut to fit your specifications, you can will be incorporating a beautiful and enduring piece of nature into your project.

Natural Beauty

Its warm neutral color, coupled with the fact that it ages gracefully and naturally, makes Indiana Limestone the ideal choice for all types of projects.


Whether you are using Indiana Limestone as trim with brick or other materials, or to maintain the context of the surrounding area, its natural beauty will enhance your project.


One reason Indiana Limestone is the product of choice for newer projects is the consistency of deposit. While subtle color and grain differences are present, Indiana Limestone is extremely homogenous. This is important, not only for the current project being built, but particularly when future expansions are contemplated.


Whether your project involves brick with limestone trim (sills, coping, quoins, keystones, etc.), site work or an all-limestone building, the warm neutral color combines with its ease of shaping and durability to make it the perfect choice for both architect and owner. Indiana Limestone exhibits no preferential direction of splitting and can be cut and carved in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Thus, it can be sawed, planed, turned on a lathe or hand worked to match the requirements of demanding architectural designs. Indiana Limestone has proven its use from simple treads and pavers to landscaping structures and bridges to soaring cathedrals, over and over again.

Ionic Cut Stone ships most Indiana Limestone  to your job site cut to fit and ready to set, thus eliminating the need for cutting on the job


Ionic Cut Stone has been privileged to work on many historical buildings as well as college and university projects when additional construction involves designing new construction to match original Indiana Limestone construction from decades earlier.

When specifying building stone for structures that are expected to endure for generations, the natural choice is always Indiana Limestone. Many colleges and universities across the country boast Indiana Limestone buildings that are 50-100 years old and older. They continue to use this venerable material from Indiana in their new construction, allowing them to match existing buildings and to maintain the context of their campuses.

Many other buildings throughout the nation have a long history of using Indiana Limestone as well. From private residences, such as the Biltmore Estate (1895) to the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. (1907). These and many other buildings serve as a reminder that Indiana Limestone projects have endured from past to present and will continue to serve future generations as well.

Cost Effective

Proven durability and the fact that it’s virtually maintenance free make Indiana Limestone extremely cost-effective to use. As a courtesy to our Ionic Cut Stone customers we provide this link to the Indiana Limestone Institute where you can learn more about the many economical ways to use Indiana Limestone.  Ionic Cut Stone is dedicated to bringing your project in on time and within budget.

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