Ionic Cut Stone | Master Carver Franklin D. Bault: A passion for the lost art of hand carved Indiana Limestone

Bault’s Indiana Limestone fieldwork restoration specialty is repair of Indiana Limestone using “Dutchman Repair” techniques.  Dutchman Repair uses stone replacement instead of artificial fillers. He is an authorized Jahn Installer using Jahn Restoration mortars since 1997. Franklin Bault is an expert Bonstone Installer, another form of Limestone repair.

From the young age of 13, Franklin Bault was taught the craftsmanship of carving Indiana Limestone by his own father Paul.  Catching on right away, Franklin was a natural at hand carving and sculpting of Indiana Limestone.  This natural gift quickly developed into a passion that continues to be the foundation of Ionic Cut Stone today.

Franklin was groomed over the years by relieving excess stone to the carving points (roughing out for master carvers) jobs for some of the best Indiana limestone carvers.  In return he learned through them as they carved and he watched.


Ionic Cut Stone is owned and managed by Franklin D. Bault and Deborah Bault.  When Paul and Jessie Bault retired in 2005, Franklin and Deborah continue the long-held tradition of hand-crafted Limestone work at Ionic Cut Stone in the business started by Franklin’s father.

Founded in 1994 by Paul and Jessie Bault, Ionic Cut Stone specializes in custom hand-carved Indiana Limestone work by master carvers.  Paul was a long-time stone cutter in the stone industry before founding Ionic Cut Stone.  Because of his unusual strength, Paul was known as Hercules.  This unusual gift of strength served him well in a career as a master stone carver.

Shortly after the business was founded nearly 20 years ago, Franklin Bault, Paul’s only son left a stone fabrication shop to pursue sculpture carving of Indiana Limestone ultimately to become a master stone carver.  It wasn’t long before Franklin was asked by his father to join the family business in 1995.

Today Franklin continues to mentor apprentice carvers, passing on the unique art of custom hand-carving and sculpting of Indiana Limestone for generations to come, preserving the tradition passed to him by his father.